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Knowing whether your cat is in pain and understanding
what you can do to help manage that pain are important steps to keep your pet healthy and happy.

Identifying pain in your cat

Sometimes, caring for your pet would be so much easier if they could just tell you, in words, how they feel or what they need. Unfortunately, the way pets communicate with us is not quite as obvious as that. But when you know what to look for and how to "read" their behaviour, it's easier to understand what may be going on with your pet and when they need your assistance.

With cats, in particular, it can be difficult to recognise the signs of pain. In some cases, they simply become more "cat-like." Paying careful attention to changes in your cat's behaviour can help identify whether your pet is experiencing pain.


Managing your cat's pain

If your cat has a painful condition that has been diagnosed by a veterinarian, there are a number of things he or she may advise you to do to help relieve the pain. Whatever the source of pain, here are some of the simple steps your vet may suggest you take to ensure your pet is comfortable and enjoying the best quality of life possible.


Maintaining your cat's health

Whether you're dealing with a pet in pain or a healthy cat, there are a number of healthcare tips you can follow to help keep your pet healthy and happy.


Is your cat in pain?

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