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Educating pet owners

Explaining an Onsior prescription to pet owners

As you know, treatment success with any medication, including Onsior, depends on the pet owner understanding and adhering to your instructions. In cases where you are prescribing Onsior to treat a dog's or cat's pain, clearly explain to the pet owner how, when, and how much Onsior to give their pet. Have them relate back to you, in their own words, how they plan to administer the medication.

When you prescribe Onsior, be sure to discuss:

  • What you are prescribing Onsior for.
  • How much Onsior should be given to the pet.
  • For how many days should Onsior be given.
  • Possible side effects.
  • What to avoid while the pet is taking Onsior (including corticosteroids and other NSAIDs).
  • What tests are needed before administering Onsior.
  • When and how often you will re-examine the pet.
  • The pet's medical history and any previous drug reactions.
  • All medications and products the pet already receives.
  • Proper administration technique. A demonstration by you or your technician will be helpful for owners who are inexperienced with giving medication to their pets.
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