Answering Onsior questions

Here are answers for some common questions about the NSAID approved for relief of postsurgical pain and inflammation associated with soft-tissue surgery in dogs and cats.

To what class of drugs does Onsior belong?
Onsior is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) of the coxib class.
How does Onsior work?
Onsior inhibits the production of prostanoids by inhibiting cyclooxygenase. Onsior persists longer at the site of inflammation than it does in the bloodstream, providing pain relief with once daily dosing.*1,2

*Clinical relevance unknown.
Can Onsior be given with food?
Onsior can be administered for up to maximum 3 days with or without food.
Why is Onsior available in both injectable and oral formulations?
Having both formulations allows for flexible administration options. The injectable formulation can be used in the hospital and the tablets can be administered at home by the pet owner. Onsior can be given for up to a maximum of three total doses over three days not to exceed one dose per day.
Are there two injectable formulations — one for dogs and another for cats?
The dosage of the Onsior injection is the same for dogs and cats, so you only need one vial of Onsior injection in your pharmacy inventory.
Are Onsior Tablets for Dogs interchangeable with Onsior Tablets for Cats?
Onsior tablets for dogs cannot be used in cats. Cats cannot by accurately dosed with the tablet sizes intended to be used in dogs.
Can Onsior tablets be split?
Onsior tablets are not scored and should not be broken.
Can Onsior be prescribed more than once for the same patient?
Onsior can be administered for up to a maximum of 3 days for postoperative pain relief. Studies on repeated use of Onsior in the same dog or cat have not been conducted.
Where do I report adverse events for Onsior?
Contact Elanco at 1-888-545-5973 to report a suspected adverse event or for other technical assistance. For additional information about adverse drug experience reporting for animal drugs, contact the FDA at 1-888-FDA-VETS.